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Let us handle trademark registration in Japan.

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7th floor, Kyodo Building Shin Honcho, 2-3-15 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023 Japan

Let us handle trademark registration in Japan.

Patent Attorneys in Japan


Fumihiko Yagisawa

Patent Attorney

Career ・Worked in TORAY Industries, Inc.
・Other Patent Firm in Japan
・BY International Patent & Trademark Firm, CEO
Specialized field Trademark prosecution and litigation. Dispute and infringing litigation of a patent(Cheminal other than Bio and Phermacy, mechanical and software), design and trademark in Japan. Research for infringement and invalidation. Patent and Design prosecution in Japan, Technology consulting.


Takeshi Sato

Patent Attorney
First class authorized architect

Career ・Worked in construction company
 A spot management, construction plan, multiplication
・Worked in a Patent Firm
 Trademark prosecution. Patent Prosecution and Lawsuit
Specialized field Building, Amusement machine, Machine, Daily necessities, Plant, Production system, Software, Business patent


Tomohiko Kogi

Patent Attorney

Career ・Worked in a foreign-affiliated vendor (System engineer of communication)
・Worked in a Patent Firm
 In charge of patents of the foreign-affiliated major IT company
 Trademark prosecution. Patents of the domestic major amusement machine manufacturer
 Contracting intellectual property business of Major Internet company
Specialized field Systems, Software, Structure, Technology development Consulting

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